International Trading Solutions

We export Asian products to foreign purchasers manufactured by top quality companies and engages in purchases of foreign products required by China and Asia local market.

Our services are:

  • Act as the client’s eyes in China and as trade agents between individuals or legal entities in different countries
  • Serve as the entry channel to the local Asia market for different foreign products and services.
  • Serve as the strategic trade partner around the globe.
  • Offer a network of trusted suppliers.
  • Hold close relationships with China Import and Export agencies.

Why Golden Pegasus International Ltd?

  • Headquarters in Hong Kong.
  • Close cooperation with manufacturers, dealers and agents.
  • We know well the countries of Central and South America in its industrial sectors, language, culture, geography, how to work with traders and Spanish-speaking providers.
  • We know the industrial sector in Asia, language, culture, geography, how to negotiate and work with Chinese suppliers, export to countries in Europe, Central and South America.
With our experience, we can answer all your questions and concerns during the negotiation with suppliers.

We invite you to try our services, so be sure to trade a success:

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